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Computer Structure and Organization

- Laboratory -

Laboratory 1: What a FPGA is

Laboratory 2: One-bit adder with logical gates

Laboratory 3: Four-bit adder with logical gates

Laboratory 4: Four-bit adder/subtracter with logical gates

Laboratory 5: Four-bit adder/subtracter in VHDL

Laboratory 6: MIPS Implementation - PC + ROM

Laboratory 7: MIPS Implementation - complete

Laboratory 8: MIPS Simulation

Laboratory 9: MIPS Implementation on Spartan3 board

Laboratory 10: MIPS - BEQ instruction

- Additional Documents -

Spartan 3 Board manual

MIPS instruction set

Titular disciplină - Ş.l. dr. ing. Eugen Dumitrascu
S.l. ing. Ioan Lemeni
S.l. ing. Lucian Barbulescu