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The project “ViReC e-Initiative” – University Virtual Resource Centre based on a Distributed Learning Environment represents an European dimension attempt for changing learning environment through ICT and ODL in higher education institutions. The main objective of the project consists in setting up a qualitative learning environment in a network of European universities ensuring an open access to improved methods and educational resources, as well as the best practice applied at partners by outlining an innovative development of ICT-based educational products. This project is clearly oriented to development of innovative practices and services, having in view setting up a virtual resource centre composed of the Distributed Learning Environment (DLE), arising awareness of the impact of ODL and the use of ICT in education.

Among several remarkable outputs foreseen, creation of virtual laboratories crossed with some real devices / equipment is a challenging achievement. By its structure, the virtual resource centre is reproducible, allowing integration of cross-curricular approaches. It will foster collaboration between learners and educators, as well as stimulate multidisciplinary.

The proposal is structured on objectives, activities and outputs, synchronised by a rigorous planning on two-year span basis, framed by a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation procedure.

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