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Real Time Computer Systems

- Laboratory description -
      IVth year, CE

1. Presentation of the laboratory, work safety (S1, 2012)  
2. Presentation of ADA 2100/3100 data aquisition systems (S2, 2012)   sources
3. Description of control and data acquisition PC104 system (S3, 2012) docs|
4. Devices programming in RT applications - CPU resources utilization (S4, 2012) docs| sources
5. Devices programming in RT applications - counters/timers (S5, 2012) docs| sources
6. Devices programming in RT applications - analogue input subsystem (S6, 2012) docs| sources
7. Devices programming in RT applications - analogue output subsystem (S7, 2012) docs| sources
8. Devices programming in RT applications - input/output subsystem (S8, 2012) docs| sources
9. Homework assignment (S9, 2012)  
10. Elaboration and testing of homework programmes (S10, 2012)  
11. Elaboration and testing of homework programmes (S11, 2012)  
12. Elaboration and testing of homework programmes (S22, 2012)  
13. Redoing of laboratory activities (S13, 2013)  
14. Final evaluation - homework, questions, activity during semester (S14, 2013)  
  Common documentation: PC104 user manuals | ADA 2100/3100 user manuals | datasheets

- Organisation of the laboratory -

0. Detailed information about the laboratory organisation

1. The presence is mandatory.
2. Presentation of the homework is mandatory.
3. The students will receive the documentation for the lab work with at least one week in advance, with the requirement to study it. In the first lab hour the possible problems of understanding the requirements will be clarified and the proposed problem examples will be studied; during the second lab hour the students have to solve the proposed problems.
4. During week 9 (26 nov - 30 nov 2012) each student will be assigned a homework, that will require elaboration of a data aquisition and control program, by making use of the laboratory platforms.
If more complex tasks are created, then teams may be allowed, but no more than 2 students per team.
5. Elaboration and testing of the homework programs can be performed in weeks 10, 11, 12 (3-21 dec 2012), and 13 (14-18 jan 2013) during laboratory hours.
6. Redoing of laboratory activities: in week 13 (14-18 jan 2013); those who are not in this situation will use this situation to test their homework programs.
7. Evaluation of semester activity:
- In week 14 (21-25 january 2013), during the last laboratory activity.
- Only for students with no absences.
- Each student will present his/her application (program) and answer questions regarding the apllication and source code.
- The assistant professor will give a grade taking into consideration the homework requirements, the answers to the questions concerning the homework, and the laboratory activity during the semester.
- The received grade must be at least 5, in order for the student to be allowed to pasticipate at the written examination, regardless of the examination session when he/she will choose to take the written examination.
- The received grade will have a weight of maximum 2.5 when computing the grade at the examination.

- Laboratory situation -

1) 10405/10406 - laboratory status for students belonging to 10405/10406 - updated 08.02.2013
Discipline titular - Conf. Dr. Ing. Constantin Patrascu
Asist. Ing. Adrian Neaţu - Asist. Ing. Dan Ovidiu Andrei